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Our Process

Postillion Wealth Management, LLC

Postillion Wealth Management, LLC was founded with the goal of assisting our clients in every aspect of their financial lives, with an approach that not only focuses on wealth management, but also on the significant effect of taxes on the accumulation and distribution of wealth.

We've developed and refined a process that helps put all the pieces of the financial planning puzzle together.

We call it the Postillion LEAD process.

L = Learn about your unique personal background, family, occupation, recreation and other interests. We place high priority on directness and openness. We want to unpack your story to fully understand your goals. We aren’t afraid to ask the difficult questions and deal with the answers. Candid, honest conversations are the foundation of every relationship at Postillion.

E = Establish a plan that fits your needs and desires, and clearly communicate to you how this plan will be implemented.

A = Apply the plan by bringing your assets together as necessary, ensuring optimal placement for tax treatment where needed, and investing those assets per the agreed upon plan. Our independence allows us to engage seasoned attorneys, tax specialists, and trust experts to bring added competencies to your plan.

D = Develop and monitor the plan over time, as your life and assets will be dynamic along with the business and market cycles in the years to come.

As a core part of the LEAD process, we provide our clients with some of the most personal service available. Regular communication with our clients is a cornerstone of our commitment to keeping you informed and educated on the changing tax and estate laws, markets, and the economy.

Pos•til•ion Variant(s): or pos•til•lion \pô-ˈstil-yən, pə-\

Noun: One who rides as a guide on the near horse of one of the pairs attached to a coach or post chaise, especially without a coachman.

We LEAD so you can live.

We honor the trust you place in us, conducting your business with discretion and sophistication. Acting in our clients’ best interests is our moral imperative.

Our Services Include:

  • Complete Managed Money & Investment Advisory Services (fee based)
  • Life Insurance Products & Services (including long-term care)
  • Comprehensive Retirement Planning Services (distribution management, cashflow, taxation, estate planning and wealth transference)
  • Estate Planning and Wealth Stretching for Multi-Generational Growth & Disbursement
  • Tax planning strategies for business owners, corporations, and high-net worth individuals, including leveraging tax-advantaged benefits for wealth management and potential investment opportunities
  • Corporate Buy/Sell Agreements

Your financial life may currently encompass all or only a few of these areas. In any case, we will meet you where you are and LEAD with a plan that works for you.